With a colorful and successful ten year history under its belt,
Hashtag Magazine is committed to offering its valued customers the
best in every issue. As one of Bahrain’s leading ads magazines, it has
proved throughout to be exclusively dedicated to the retail and
suppliers businesses of the local market as well as that of the Saudi
Eastern province.

Recently, due to a recess in the local overall economy, the magazine suffered a setback and in order to keep its legacy built throughout the past twelve years, new investors among whom namely (Sheikh S. Al Khalifa) stepped in and took over the reins with a completely new management from different Arab Countries along with a high profile technical and sales team to reinstate Hashtag Magazine within the market and reprise its leading role and market share consequently.

Things are set to continue in this direction over the coming years if the growing numbers of advertisers are anything to go by. The management and staff remain committed to offering premium services that are on par with international standards with a long-term view of contributing to Bahrain’s growing economy. Our customers have continually made us their preferred choice for advertisement and we are committed to being the forerunner and only magazine in Bahrain’s ads magazines industry.

In a bid to appeal to advertisers of all market segments, Hashtag Magazine is offering additional services to cope with the new technology trend in commercial advertising namely all platforms of social media i.e.: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, OLX, Friday Market, Expatriates.com, Mourjan, etc….

Hashtag Magazine commits to provide its customers with the customized standard that has been its signature in the market which is the top quality media platforms publishing a graphic design that is led by proficient technical team for social media services.